[March 15, 2018] Science communication video: I mentored a group of students who prepared a wonderful video explaining animal development using fruit fly as an example. Here’s the link to the video.  
[March 14, 2018] Cell modeling hackathon: I recently attended a 3-day cell modeling NSF organized hackathon in San Francisco where I worked with brilliant Nat Hendel to build a Conway’s game of life style neuronal network (based on Noelle L’Etoile’s data in C. elegans). 
[March 11, 2018] Science artwork covered: Our science artwork was covered by The Wall Street Journal and Princeton University Homepage. 
[January 29, 2018] Seminar at EPFL Lausanne: I presented my research work at the Bioengineering seminar at EPFL Lausanne! Thank you Vassily for being a great host! Link here.
[October 10, 2017] New paper out in JBC: Our work on biochemical characterization of RASopathy mutants is now out in JBC! Link here.
[September 9, 2017] Intern work published: A study on antiviral response in cancer cells I was involved in as an intern at Genentech is now out in JCB! Link here.
[July 9, 2017] New paper in DMM: Our new work on developing a large-scale platform for parallel imaging of fly embryos is out in Disease Models and Mechanisms! Link here.
[April 27, 2017] New paper out in Genes and Development: We use genome-editing methods for uncoupling regulatory inputs controlling developmental patterning. Link here.
[February 7, 2017] Covered on the Princeton homepage: Our recently published work on RASopathies is covered on the Princeton homepage!

[February 6, 2017] New paper out in Nature Genetics: Our new work on quantitative characterization of RASopathy mutations is out today in Nature Genetics. Link here.
[January 23, 2017] Cover of Developmental Cell: Our artwork made it to the January issue of Developmental Cell. Link here.
[January 23, 2017] Paper accepted in Developmental Cell: Our paper on using optogenetic techniques to manipulate Erk signaling in the Drosophila embryo reveals its differential sensitivity to the dose, duration, and spatial range of Erk activity. Link here.
[January 3, 2017] Paper accepted in PNAS: Our paper on ranking of RASopathy mutations in Drosophila and Zebrafish is out in PNAS today. Link here.
[November 15, 2016] Talk @ AIChE 2016: I presented our work on effects of disease-causing mutations on development at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Details can be found here.
[July 1, 2016] Summer 2016 @ Genentech: I will start working as a summer intern at Genentech with Ben Haley and Trinna Cuellar in the Molecular Biology Department.
[January 5, 2016] Interviewed on the Princeton University homepage: My story on what got me interested in developmental biology is covered on Princeton University website. Link here.
[October 2, 2015] Poster Award, Bioengineering Day: Work by Yogesh Goyal, Granton Jindal, Kei Yamaya, Stas Shvartsman and Trudi Schupbach was awarded a poster prize at the Bioengineering Day at Princeton.
[July 26, 2014]  Science artwork covered by NBC and others: Work by Yogesh Goyal, Bomyi Lim, Miriam Osterfield and Stas Shvartsman wins “People’s Choice Award” at 2014 Art of Science Competition.
Story covered in: NBC NewsDiscoverySmithsonianPhysOrgEurekaAlertBusiness InsiderDailyMailNew Scientist